WeChat Marketing 101

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to WeChat for Business

Let’s start with an amazing fact. A country with over 1.4 billion people has no access to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Meanwhile, more than 1 billion people  are using one app to chat with friends, make voice and video calls, play games, split lunch bills, make online payments, and even send red packets during Chinese New Year.
Well, the app is WeChat.
Wechat is arguably the most popular and useful mobile app in China, with most Chinese citizens using it for both their personal and professional life. But it’s not just the people who rely so heavily on the increasingly popular app. Wechat has very cleverly developed an abundance of ways in which companies and brands can use Wechat to help their businesses thrive.


You can use Wechat to communicate with your target audience and generate leads. It is not the most efficient way of doing this (Wechat is a closed platform, so can therefore be difficult for your target audience to find you), but it can work well.

Wechat can also act as a newsletter for your audience. Many Chinese do not regularly check their email accounts, however, they frequently read their Wechat messages. In fact, 70% of the Chinese rely on using Wechat in work over email to communicate with clients, suppliers and colleagues, organize work and read professional information about their work on Wechat when they have time.

Wechat is the most popular communication channel for brands in China. High-end brands like the idea of privileged access and members deals, whilst mass-market brands have to produce viral content in order to receive maximum exposure.

How do companies maximize their leads on WeCHat?

Business Value of the WeChat Official Account

9 Ways to Get Your WeChat Official Account Off The Ground

With approximately 1.112 billion monthly active users, WeChat is a powerful marketing tool in China. WeChat marketing offers a powerful way to connect with customers, build a database and collect feedback. If your company plans on doing any business in China at all a WeChat official account is an absolute must!

WeChat Content: Create Valuable, Appealing, and Useful Content

Utilize WeChat‘s Location-based Marketing Features

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Leverage KOLs to Succeed with WeChat For Business

Use WeChat Advertising to Drive Measurable Results

Promote your WeChat Official Account & Content On Other Social Platforms

Start a Loyalty Program On Your WeChat Official Account

Use the power of WeChat Micro-Sites/WeChat Mini-Programs


As the “biggest CRM portal on the mobile Internet”, WeChat can not only help enterprises and consumers communicate, but also coordinate within the enterprise. This is due to the WeChat social features and the media attributes and customer management capabilities of the WeChat official account.

The core competence of WeChat CRM system

WeChat CRM - People-oriented marketing concept

Three things you must know about WeChat CRM system

WeChat CRM can improve your business in 4 ways

WeChat CRM Customer Nurturing Guide

Two common mistakes in choosing WeChat CRM system

HubSpot WeChat Integration Solution

The 1st WeChat - HubSpot Integration Solution.

Parllay enables you to tie your HubSpot CRM to WeChat users to see who they are, what they have done in your WeChat Official Account, and empower HubSpot Marketing Tool to engage with them.As HubSpot Verified Agency Partner in China, Parllay provide a series of unique services to boost business growth in China. Leverage Parllay’s expertise and Tech Support in Chinese and English to integrate WeChat CRM with HubSpot.

How to Design Customer Journey from Wechat to HubSpot

How to use HubSpot to manage Sales leads on Wechat


WeChat is more than a social networking app. WeChat is an ideal platform to fill the gap between online and offline marketing and is a great way to connect with customers and build greater brand awareness. Don’t miss out this huge opportunity if you want to enter the Chinese market!

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