Personalized engagement with WeChat users!

You have heard that personalized engagement will make WeChat marketing more effective, but how is the effect? If your WeChat official account posts a more accurate message, will your conversion rate increase by 5%? 8%? Or higher? The user profile and conversion reports show you what your users’ feedback is when you use Parllay, whether you have created enough traffic, enough registrations and purchase you expect.

Discover the customers in WeChat OA users and increase the conversion rate by personalized engagement

How can iParllay WeChat CRM help you?

From 2014 to the present, in the hundreds of WeChat CRM solutions offered by iParllay, we found that customers not only need one or several WeChat CRM functions. In fact, when we are sorting out the needs, 95% of our customers will be surprised to find that they are actually looking for a complete set of WeChat marketing automation capabilities, as well as scientific user classification and management tools. And there is an urgent desire for technology-driven WeChat marketing methods.
We provide customers with not only the WeChat marketing tools proven by many Fortune 500 companies, but also a set of practical methods without chasing hotspots – “Marketing Flywheel”, different from funnel only focus on conversion, iParllay-WeChat CRM focus on the customer’s complete life cycle: attract WeChat users, large-scale personalized interaction, and promote customer satisfaction (energy for the brand), design different user/customer journeys for the brand, and achieve the ultimate goal of turning users into customers.

How to Solve 6 Marketing Problems

Find the users' interests

Tag the users to understand their behavior and interests, so as to develop a WeChat marketing strategy. iParllay WeChat CRM supports multiple dimensions and scene tagging, and supports manual, automatic and API flexible modification of tags. There is no need to manually tag users, and the tags can be automated by dragging and dropping, preset rules.

iParllay Marketing Automation

Identify sales opportunities

Identify customers and potential customers among WeChat OA users, complete automatic nurturing of customers, customer conversions, and activation of inactive users. iParllay WeChat CRM can identify four categories of user properties: demographic geographic properties, behavioral interest properties, lifecycle properties, and CRM extended properties.

iParllay SCRM and CDP

Increase the account's activeness

Upgrade the WeChat OA automatic response to personalized interaction based on user behavior and properties, trigger personalized responses, personalized menus, personalized QR codes in real time, and create unique customer journeys for different segment customers. Provide users with the most interesting content at the right time and in the right place.

iParllay Personalized Menu and QR Code

Increase the reading rate

It is the dream of every WeChat OA operator to increase the reading rate by 2-4 times and reduce user loss. Parllay WeChat CRM provides the ability to post accurately according to user attributes. It can also use the template message to send additional activity messages, and with A/B test to significantly improve the click rate of the article.

iParllay Content Marketing

Analyse the account's data

Data analysis is the key to the successful operation of the WeChat official account. The account activity and user interaction trends are the foundation. Understanding the user retention status and analyzing the reasons for conversion and loss are the core of business growth. iParllay WeChat CRM, which provides custom reports for official accounts, mini apps, and web pages to make your decisions smarter.

iParllay Data Analysis

Integrate with internal CRM

Easily get the WeChat OA and enterprise CRM integration, only need the standard API interface of iParllay WeChat CRM to quickly connect Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce CRM. For companies without CRM, Parllay WeChat CRM is pre-integrated with the powerful HubSpot CRM, which is ready to use and free for life.

iParllay Integrate with HubSpot

“Considering the customer management and automation capabilities of Parllay, we have in-depth cooperation with iParllay in many digital marketing projects. The customer profile of iParllay not only includes the engagement of Wechat Official Account users, but also realizes the unified management of mini programs, web page behavior and real contact information of customers. Without increasing team’s workload, personalized engagement between brand and users is achieved.”
Sunny Huang

How to choose the right WeChat CRM ?

There are many WeChat CRM softwares on the market, ranging from traditional large CRM vendors to SaaS platforms like Parllay-WeChat CRM. The price of software or solution, from 30 yuan/day for small and medium-sized enterprises to 1 million+/year for large and medium-sized enterprises, with large span and complex functions, it has brought a lot of trouble to the company to choose the WeChat CRM that suits itself. 


This Request for Proposal (RFP) Kit will help you think through the various components of a successful WeChat CRM platform, align on the key questions and concerns for your end goals and choose a long-term, results-oriented marketing partner who understands your challenges and has a solution to solve them.

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Whether you are buying a marketing technology tool for the first time or you are looking for a suitable WeChat CRM platform to replace an existing tool, this RFP will help you choose the right tool for you. If you have any doubts , you can also make an appointment with our senior consultants to give you a free consultation.

WeChat CRM vs SCRM

If you are using other tools at the same time, we also made a comparison of the core features of Parllay WeChat CRM and other marketing platforms. And if you are new to WeChat CRM, here are some common customer questions that will help you understand the significant differences between Parllay WeChat CRM and WeChat official account.

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Needs assessment

We help you compare multiple WeChat CRMs and evaluate other products that are highly relevant to your final marketing results, and how much positive impact they will have on your business, and help you choose the most appropriate WeChat marketing tool.

Marketing Consultants

iParllay marketing consultants have many years of digital marketing experience. In the past 5 years, they have helped more than 20 global brands, successfully improved the WeChat OA customer experience, improved reading rate, and promoted business growth.

Technical Adviser

iParllay technical Adviser have proven solutions for complex IT system integration. You don't have to worry about any technical issues, our technical consultants provide professional guidance and implementation advice throughout the process.


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