Why WeCom?

As the enterprise version of WeChat, WeCom helps companies optimize their business operations and customer management. While providing the WeChat communication experience you love, WeCom also offers a powerful set of free office productivity features and interoperability with WeChat Messaging, Mini Program and WeChat Pay.

Our WeCom SCRM Helps You...

Attract Leads Easily

  • Smart QR Code:QR codes can be assigned to different sales and used in different channels to differentiate customer sources. People can add sales by scanning the code through WeChat without filling in any information.
  • Automated Welcome Message:Each smart code can be configured with a corresponding welcome message to achieve timely and personalized interaction between sales and contacts.

Nurture Leads Wisely

  • Track the behavior of your contacts: Your sales team can see various behaviors of your contacts in WeCom, such as file browsing history, and make next steps based on the contact’s behavior.
  • Create SOP(Standard Operating Procedure):Without writing code, you can set up multiple SOPs to send different messages and files to contacts or groups at different times, saving manpower and making it easier to nurture leads.

Protect Intangible Asset

Customers are important intangible assets of a firm that should be valued and managed.
  • Monitor the behavior of salespeople:You can view the number and information of customers added by salespeople and even request legal archiving of conversations between sales and customers.
  • Protects customer assets from loss: Once a salesperson leaves, customer resources can be allocated to other sales without being taken away by the salesperson. 

Achieve Growth With Our Customers