Private Growth Platform

iParllay helps businesses get more leads in China, manage leads generated in the Chinese marketing environment on your own CRM, and nurture those leads automatically. 

One-Stop Private Growth Platform

We have all you need for marketing in China

Automatically identify sales opportunities, accurately nurture leads in different lifecycle stages, effectively shorten the conversion time and increase the conversion rate


LeadsGen Tools

Capture leads using our powerful online form builder, and attract WeChat Official Account followers through iParllay Buzz campaign tool. 


Launch marketing campaigns and measure the effectiveness with iParllay Campaigns. Unifying all your marketing channels is no longer an impossible task. 

Customer Hub

Contacts generated from WeChat Official Account, WeChat Mini Program, WeCom, and other channels can be automatically routed to Customer Hub, which can integrate with your CRM, such as Salesforce, Zoho, and HubSpot. 


Track and manage followers’ data on WeChat and use workflows to automate the tasks that plague marketing team.


Track and manage contacts’ data on WeCom and use SOPs to automate the tasks that plague sales team.

Marketing Automation

Create personalized cross-platform user journeys on WeChat and nurture leads through workflows and other MA technologies.  


WeChat Consulting Service

Our consulting service has successfully reduced WeChat development costs and marketing budgets for more than 40 well-known global brands.

WeChat Marketing Service

Market to 1.2 billion WeChat users and build strong relationships with them with WeChat SCRM and data-driven strategy.

Private Growth Services

Don’t know how to implement marketing automation strategies? Just tell us your goals! Leave the strategy, tactic, and implementation to iParllay.

Growing with marketers around the world

For 8+ years, iParllay has accumulated extensive experience in marketing automation operations and has helped numerous companies achieve customer and revenue growth through a combination of tools, services, and marketing methods.

HubSpot Unique WeChat Integration Partner
1 +
Global Marketing Partners
100 +
1 +
B2B & B2C
3 x
Increase Conversion Cross-Platform
10 M
Users Engagement iParllay Platform
7 Years
Marketing Automation Operation Experience

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What Our Clients & Partners Are Saying

We are passionate about what we do to deliver the best for our clients, and it shows.

Sunny Huang



“Considering the customer management and automation capabilities of iParllay, we have in-depth cooperation with iParllay in many digital marketing projects. The customer profile of iParllay not only includes the engagement of WeChat Official Account users, but also realizes the unified management of mini programs, web page behavior and real contact information of customers. Without increasing team’s workload, personalized engagement between brand and users is achieved.”

Ivy Zeng



Morketing and iParllay are old friends. In the process of cooperation, iParllay has provided us with many marketing theories and innovative marketing ideas, and we applied them into the development of the enterprise. After several years of development, iParllay has evolved from WeChat CRM to a personalized marketing cloud that focusing on big data, marketing automation and other frontier technologies, and they all have outstanding performance in enhancing brand interaction. 

Delvin Chew



Our Partner iParllay has built a great integration with WeChat and HubSpot which can connect Hubspot growth platform with WeChat to offer incredible experience to our clients. iParllay has done an incredible job in capturing the market’s need by developing an integration that will help our clients to leverage their WeChat user’s information to drive higher conversion rates for their businesses.

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