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iParllay, automatically capture the best marketing opportunity in the customer journey, maximize the marketing conversion rate of WeChat and website.

Personalized First Impression

Create a unique personalized experience for each customer at the first time.

Capture the
Best Conversion Point

Stop wasting money on omni-channel marketing and capture the best marketing opportunities of customer conversion rate automatically.

Scene Re-Marketing

In important marketing scenes, re-marketing for customers with different intentions to improve marketing conversion rate.

Create Customer Journey for Better Marketing Conversion

iParllay – Scene marketing automation, it helps enterprises improve conversion rate in three important steps: attract, engage and delight.

We will maximize the use of “WeChat-Website-CRM” marketing data, create a 1:1 communication experience between brand and customers, so as to maximize the conversion.

Personalized First Impression

According to the interest, tags, interaction, gender, location, life cycle and transaction data of users or customers, personalized interaction can be realized in different marketing activities, and created unique 1:1 communication experience.

Capturing the Best Conversion Point

The workflow of Parally scene marketing tool creates a flexible journey of users by drag and drop, automatically captures and marks users through key marketing scenes (such as scanning QR codes, clicking menu), and assigns specific scores to conversion users or customers.

Core Capabilities

iParllay Workflow

WeChat Auto Reply


With the re-marketing capability of iParllay, you can send information again to promote potential customers conversion for users or customers who enter scene marketing but havent completed the conversion (e.g. visiting the H5 page but not registered).

< Scene Marketing Automation Whitepaper>

Whether you are a marketing professional or a business decision maker, in this whitepaper, you will get :

Essence: 3 Important Conversion Scenes

Compared with numerous channels and marketing ideas, the scene of customer conversion is less and hidden, which is easy to be ignored by marketers. It falls into the testing cycle of new channels and innovations, and the conversion rate increases very slowly.

WeChat Official Account Scene

Explore potential customers among users and cater their favorite content to guide purchases

WeChat-Web Scene

Emphatically follow up the users who visited the website from WeChat but didn’t have the intention of conversion

WeChat-CRM Scene

Explore customers among users and encourage them to purchase again according to their preferences

Widespread Support for
Globally Popular Software Tools

iParllay Scene Marketing Automation Tools, integrate with the HubSpot CRM . This unique “cross-platform data tracking capabilities” can not only realize rapid integration with Microsoft Dynamic, Salesforce, Adobe CRM, Sitecore, WordPress or other software , but also has the bidirectional customer data synchronization. It brings the unique cross-platform automatic marketing capabilities, and greatly reduce the market teams time on waiting for IT teams support.

‘ iParllay management and analysis technology help enterprises balance between marketing automation and content creativity, and successfully maintain customer relationships. Today, user experience is the core goal of enterprise marketing strategy. It is the greatest value of iParllay to dig the user data of WeChat Official Account and create an effective conversion experience. ’
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