Parllay Workflow

——marketing automation engine

Leverage Parllay to engage with WeChat followers in personalized way- to send them targeted WeChat messages according to the segmented WeChat properties (gender, language, score, lifecycle-stage) or their specific actions (scanning different QR code, link to different web pages).


Parllay Workflow Capability

Workflows is your automation engine in Parllay. With workflows, you can automate multiple marketing tasks, saving you time and smoothing out process. It is the technology that uses rule-based logic to automate deeply marketing efforts, like user segmentation, lead nurturing, and re-marketing.

 By Parllay workflow, you can not only send right messages to right followers at right times, and you also can identify and tag follower activities and then adopt different marketing methods for them. In this way, you can accurately identify the potential customers, quickly achieve marketing goals, and increase marketing conversion rate by more than 50%.

12 Best Practices for Workflow

So far, Parllay has served 50 + top companies and brands worldwide. The service industry covers more than 10 areas, such as e-commerce, retail, automobile, education, aviation, software, hardware, finance, non-profit organizations and B2B. In the process of providing marketing services for customers, we summed up the best practice of using workflow, which can rapidly improve the conversion rate of WeChat marketing.

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Through more than 5 years of inbound marketing practice experience, we get that the following 12 marketing automation best practices are helpful in effectively improving marketing conversion rate . Also, they are helpful in your WeChat marketing efforts, such as identify leads from followers, nurture leads, sync leads with CRM etc.


Frequently Asked Questions about Workflow

What is workflow?

Workflow automation is technology that uses rule-based logic to automate manual work, like data entry and lead nurturing. By leveraging self-operating processes that run manual tasks, workflow automation can help your business save time and money, diminish errors, and boost productivity.

How to send messages by workflow?

You can engage with followers in personalized way by Parllay workflow, such as send them different messages according to their properties (gender, language, score, lifecycle-stage) and special activities (scan different QR code, click different short URLs).

how to manage followers' scores?

By Parllay workflow, you can add or minus score for followers according to their attributes or activities. For example, if a follower leaves their email address or phone number, you can add 10 points to them. Meanwhile, you can management followers in different ways according to their scores, such as, change the followers’ lifecycle-stage as marketing qualified lead when their scores are more than 30 points.

how to manage followers' tags by workflow?

By Parllay workflow, you can tag followers with WeChat tags and Parllay tags automatically, and you also can remove their tags. In this way, you can manage the followers in personalized way according to their tags. For example, send the specific post to the followers who have the specific tag. This is precise marketing.

what is lifecycle stage?

The customer lifecycle stage outlines the steps taken by a customer as they progress through the marketing and sales funnel. It gives marketing, sales, and customer service teams a complete picture of the customer’s journey and highlights areas for improvement.

how to manage followers' lifecycle stage?

By Parllay workflow, you can create or change followers’ lifecycle- stage automatically, such as, change the their lifecycle-stage as sales opportunity when their scores are more than 50 points. Meanwhile, you also can manage them in personalized way according to their lifecycle-stage, such as send different posts to different stage followers.


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