Parllay Partners

Our partners have been working with Parllay for many years. They are familiar with Parllay WeChat CRM | marketing automation products, and they have a very deep understanding of marketing technology and marketing strategies. Choose the right marketing technology and marketing service partner for you, let us grow better together.

Marketing Technology

Parllay's marketing technology partners, from the world's top software service providers, can provide a series of tools for website development, landing page construction, form design, customer management, customer service and so on.

Digital Marketing

Parlay's digital marketing partners can provide data-driven overall marketing services such as marketing planning, event promotion, creative design, copywriting, etc.

Inbound Marketing

Parlay's inbound marketing partners are excellent solution providers certified by HubSpot. They have many years of successful inbound marketing experience and are proficient in using Parlay and HubSpot.

Marketing Technology



HubSpot is a leading growth platform with thousands of customers around the world. It is a developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing, comprised of Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and a powerful free CRM. As HubSpot Verified Agency Partner in China, Parllay provides a series of unique services to boost business growth in China.

Digital Marketing


westOeast is an end-to-end marketing service provider dedicated to delivering transparency and excellent results, over cultural and technical diversities. We connect the West and East.With in-depth understanding of the Chinese consumers, digital marketing landscape, we leverage our 15-years’ experience to help your brand sell to China or to the Chinese overseas.Also, as a bridging ambassador connecting the two major digital marketing climates, westOeast partners with Chinese brands on their way sailing global.

YIVA Digital

YIVA /ji:va:/ = High Performance, Progressive Value Delivery and State-of-the-art Technology.
Their goal is to deeply embed into your business and exceed expectations at every possible opportunity. Their broad digital marketing experience, combined with comprehensive knowledge in technology and culture, mean they can give you the best services with your available resources on an international scale.
They have over 10 years of digital marketing experience and built an enviable reputation in helping various companies reach out to consumers in the UK and China.
They bilingual experts with unparalleled local knowledge have contributed tremendously to client success.

Inbound Marketing


GOGO PARTNER is the first professional bilingual inbound marketing company in Taiwan. It provides marketing strategy planning, content design, advertising and data analysis services, which can solve your digital marketing problems.
In recent years, online marketing has become the mainstream of modern marketing. Many companies spend a lot of money on advertising on online platforms, but they always fail to achieve benefits, because “advertising” is only one part of digital marketing. A successful marketing plan must be more in-depth to consider advertising design, data analysis and marketing strategy planning and other complex work.

About Oxygen2.0

Established in 2013, Oxygen mainly helps international and domestic companies with their marketing. China pioneers in the latest HubSpot integration and automation techniques.We are HubSpot’s first partner in China, and first Platinum Partner in Asia.Headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Shenzhen and Cape Town.Winner of 6 HubSpot Impact awards in 2019, the joint most of any agency global!Our clients include Alibaba, China Telecom, DJI, Uponor, Tricor Group, DMCC, TP-Link

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