iParllay Campaigns

Everything you need to execute great campaigns, all in one place. View, manage, and action campaign priorities from directly within iParllay.

Align teams around every campaign component

Sales and marketing teams often run campaigns in silos across several disparate tools. But if you’re not united across channels and teams, customers notice. Engaging your audience through aligned campaigns ensures you speak with one powerful voice, propelling your customer along their journey, reducing friction, and delivering results on the goals that matter most.

Track complex campaigns with one source of data

Too often, marketers need to pull customer data from several sources to create targeted and personalized campaigns, resulting in a disjointed and frustrating customer experience. iParllay is marketing automation platform built on top of a CRM. This means not only are all of your campaign tools in one place, but all of your customer data is, too.

Enjoy effortless collaboration

Marketing teams no longer have to waste time switching between multiple tools to build and plan campaigns. The campaigns tool makes it easier for your team to do their best work with built-in collaboration tools like tasks, comments, and calendar, so you can plan your campaigns with context.

Access real-time campaign reporting

Marketing and Sales all need to pull static reports from different systems and cobble them together in a spreadsheet to measure impact. This means campaigns aren’t optimized until it’s too late. Equip every team with the power to measure, iterate, and optimize campaigns based on real-time performance insights.

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